Wilderness church


I know that these man-made political systems should be approached carefully. They should never become an idol. But today, I am feeling relief and a measured sense of joy that this country has elected a new president, an imperfect man but one of faith and decency.

The current president has done so much damage to the unity and witness of your church. I think we would do better in the wilderness, away from the corrupting influence of temporary and worldly power. And with a heavy and desperate dependence on you. That is where you correct, teach and foster relationship. Take us back to the wilderness, where we can hear from you and get to know you again.

The church was established within an oppressive empire and thrived as a minority group living counter-culturally, bringing your kingdom through small communities of believers and individual acts of love. So many dark chapters in church history come once the church reaches for political power and wields it irresponsibly. Help us thrive in you, comfortable as people of faith within a diverse and secular world. Help us unite, putting church unity over political power or preferences.

Keep us balanced, remembering that your kingdom comes not through theocratic governments but through you and your church.

Protect us from lies and misinformation, from hate and violence, from believing that this country is where our hope lies. Help us to see one another again as brothers and sisters. Please, bring peace and healing and justice in this country. And in this world. We need it.

Come soon.

In Jesus’ name,


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